Everything You Need To Know About Chest Freezers

Everything You Need To Know About Chest Freezers

There are at least two things that have made life simpler or more comfortable for humans. The advent of agriculture was the first that allowed for the quick development of cities. The next, and equally important, was the introduction of food preservation.

Nowadays, one of the simplest and most popular methods of food preservation is freezing. It is hard to imagine a life without frozen French Fries, pizza, ice cream and fish sticks. Moreover, the restaurant industry would be entirely different without freezers or frozen food. Freezing, to the surprise of many people, is a pretty recent invention. It only got practical after the 1940s.

What Is A Freezer?

Mechanically speaking a freezer is not a complicated machine. The body of a fridge is usually an insulated box that has a lid or a door, depending on the kind of freezer you have such as chest freezer or shelf freezer. An electric compressor is attached to the unit that helps move the coolant and remove heat through rapid evaporation.

Food items stored below or at 0 °F (−18 °C) are safe indefinitely. A majority of household freezers often maintain temperatures in the range of −9 °F and 0 °F (−23 and −18 °C). However, a few freezer-only units could achieve −29 °F (−34 °C) or even lower. On the other hand, most refrigerators typically do not reach a temperature of less than −9 °F (−23 °C).

A Freezer.

It is because the same coolant serves the refrigerator and freezer compartments. Lowering the temperature of the freezer compartment may cause pressing difficulties in maintaining an above-freezing temperature in a unit’s refrigerator compartment.

A domestic freezer may be built-in as a separate section or compartment in the refrigerator, or it could be a different appliance. A majority of local freezers are usually upright units that resemble chests or fridges. 

Plenty of contemporary upright freezers have ice dispensers built into the doors. Many upscale models have thermostat controls and displays, and at times, flat screen televisions too.

Freezers do not work by cooling things, but by drawing out heat. They use evaporation to take away heat, leaving food and other items frozen.

To initiate the freezing process, a refrigerant (in a gaseous state) makes its way into a compressor, and the compression process heats it up. This hot gas passes through several coils and begins to cool off, turning the gas into a liquid. The liquid expands in the valves converting a cold mist.

If you want some extra food in your storage, freezers are an ideal option to preserve large quantities of meat, fruits, and vegetables for an extended period. Freezing temperatures in a freezer can retard the speed of bacterial growth in many food items, allowing you to store edible items such as meat for several months.

People also tend to open standalone freezers less often compared to the fridges on their refrigerator; as a result, food and other items in a stand-alone freezer usually stay in their preserved state much longer.

Freezer Uses

There is a lot more you could do with a freezer than just storing TV dinners and making ice. From laundry to craft projects, here are some great ways to make the most out of your fridge.

A last-ditch effort to salvage your nearly-burnt food may be successful if you keep it in your freezer as soon as possible! The temperature shock can stop overcooking right away, preventing your food from ending up in compost.

A variety of sauces such as pesto and marinara, stocks, wine, broths, buttermilk could be frozen quickly. They are ideal to have around in your kitchen, and a freezer makes that possible.

If you love a smoothie in the morning but do not have the time needed to measure all the ingredients carefully, you can do it in advance! Measure the veggies and fruits you like in separate plastic bags (you may reuse these later on!) In the morning, just toss all these ingredients with a cup or two of liquid, then sit back and enjoy!

Commercial freezer.

Storing your unused NiCd and NiMH batteries in your freezer can considerably extend their lifespan. Similarly, standard alkaline batteries would also last much longer if you keep them in the fridge.

However, before using them, make sure you bring them to the room temperature. Freezers can also kill those pesky bed bugs, provided you follow specific instructions, such as ensuring your fridge is maintaining an optimum cold-wave, and you store the items long enough. 

Lipstick lasts a long time when in stored in cold temperatures. Therefore, your freezer is one of the best places for keeping it! Store the tubes, mainly the wild colors that you wear on rare occasions, in your fridge, so they stay fresh and nice as long as possible.

Before sharpening the pencil eyeliner, place it in your freezer for about ten minutes. It will ensure a sharp and precise point. There is a fantastic way to soothe your sunburn. Freezing aloe vera in your ice cube trays is the best way to alleviate the pain. 

What Is A Chest Freezer?

A chest freezer is the most affordable kind of fridge. In essence, every single inch of the chest model is usable storage. While there are a few models of chest freezers that come with automatic defrost (frost-free), a majority of chest freezers have a manual defrost mechanism.

This task may need several hours or even an entire day to accomplish. Due to their built-in and efficient sidewall insulation, most chest freezers can maintain their freezing temperatures quite well. As a result, they use less energy.

Depending on the quality of frozen food, during power outages or a move to a different locale, provided the freezer’s lid is kept closed, unplugged chest freezers can keep their contents frozen for up to two or even three days.

Compared to upright models, manual chest freezers usually have a more extended lifecycle.  The latest models of chest freezers come with drawers and bins that are at times color coded, allowing you to arrange the contents inside neatly.

Some high-end models even feature interior LED lighting that helps illuminate the storage space evenly and brightly. Chest freezers are broader and shorter than other types of fridges. 

Pros And Cons Of Chest Freezers

There are many upsides of owning a chest freezer compared to other types such as upright freezers. A chest freezer takes up minimum space and provides a suitable tabletop surface. These freezers tend to be lower and broader when compared to other fridges. You can store them alongside any tabletop surface to enhance space utilization.

Moreover, a chest freezer is usually the best option if you are looking to freeze food items which will not be required any time soon. They are also perfect for storing bulk meat or vegetables that you will not need during a busy day.

Chest freezers are long-lasting and can be your long-term freezing companions. Besides, another excellent reason for choosing a chest freezer is that it is more energy- efficient compared to other models.

Chest freezers are often available at more economical prices compared to other kinds of freezers as they are much more compact. They have a variety of compartments inside, making them perfect for storing different types of food items.

During the summer, they can be great for kids who need regular access to various frozen goodies such as popsicles and ice cream.

Chest freezers also come in a variety of different styles. Some of these are frost free, which makes them comfortable to maintain in the long run.

Organised chest freezer.

Freezer burns occur when ice crystals develop on the outer surfaces of frozen food. As a result, affected food can taste awful and produce an unpleasant or rough texture. As frost-free models of chest freezers keep ice crystals from forming on the surface of the storage area, they prevent the formation of frost on the stored food.

Moreover, wrapping up food items in plastic-coated freezer papers, polyethylene baggies or durable aluminum foil can further protect the food from any cold damage. Also, the lack of frost accumulation on your food packages means your labels will remain legible, and the frozen packages will not stick together.

There are a few downsides of a chest freezer that should be kept in mind. The design on a majority of chest freezers uses a horizontal and full layout that needs much more floor space compared to an upright freezer.

As a chest freezer is much lower in height with a very deep storage cavity, it may need plenty of awkward bending and rummaging to find specific food contents.

If you buy a chest freezer with a manual defrost option, you will have carried out plenty of routine maintenance just to get rid of the frost buildup. It can be a lengthy and tedious chore that will require a lot of effort to finish.

Chest Freezer Vs. Upright Freezer

Often the choice between a chest freezer and upright freezer depends on some objective considerations such as space availability and the personal preference of the homeowners.

There are several reasons to buy a fridge such as taking advantage of regular sales by procuring and saving extra food, saving time by shopping at a convenient time, freeing up space in your conventional refrigerator unit or saving energy costs.

Some other reasons include freezing game from a hunting outing, freezing vegetables and fruits from your garden or cooking and storing meals in advance for your family. Before you buy a freezer, you should bear in mind the benefits and drawbacks of chest freezers and upright freezers, the availability of space in your home, and a few best practices.

An upright freezer can fit better into smaller spaces; you can accommodate it in your kitchen. Upright freezers are also easier to access with plenty of drawers or shelves for better organization.

These fridges often have an interior light that promotes better visibility, allowing you to see the available contents. Besides, most upright freezers are much easier to defrost than chest models and can be cleaned easily too. It is ideal for folks who buy and store small items in their freezers.

On the other hand, chest freezers, as they open from the top, are more energy-efficient because they retain the cold air inside. They are ideal for placement in areas with limited vertical capabilities, which is a definite advantage over the upright model. Chest freezers can accommodate more food because they have more storage capacity.

Moreover, chest freezers are more economical than many upright freezers. Individuals who prefer buying and storing bulky or large food items could benefit a lot from purchasing a chest freezer.

Upright Freezer.

Upright freezers are less energy-efficient compared to chest freezers as their door opens outward, letting cold air escape. They also have less storage capacity due to their organizational capabilities.

In case of a power outage, this freezer will not be able to keep your food frozen as long as the chest model. In contrast, chest freezers are more extensive and take up more space. Reaching deep down could be harder for short people or children.

Where To Put Your Freezer?

Find the right place for your freezer before exploring and buying the new appliance. It is better to find a cool and dry place with a plug-in nearby. It is also essential to ensure there is sufficient room to permit a complete door swing, which obviously depends on the type of freezer you purchase.

The direction the freezer door opens, if you are buying an upright freezer, must also be taken into account for convenience, as well as any height requirements for upright or chest models.

Your freezer will function more efficiently in a cold area, while a hot or sunny location would force it to work much harder just to maintain the perfect interior temperature. An efficient freezer located in an inappropriate place may end up costing you considerably more regarding electricity.

Besides, this may shorten the expected lifespan of the unit. The intended location of the freezer will usually determine the size and type of fridge you can buy. 

Moreover, when it comes to freezer size, always bear in mind oversized or bulky freezers are difficult to relocate from places such as basements. And it can be tricky to maneuver these fridges through average-sized doorways even without the top door.

Placing your freezer in the garage is not ideal as the temperature often drops below 10°C and many freezers cannot work adequately in these conditions.

How To Organize A Chest Freezer?

Use a first in first out inventory practice which is very intuitive. Make sure you use the oldest food items in the freezer first. It implies that you will have to keep track of the contents and rotate them regularly. Maintain a simple inventory list for your fridge in a convenient place and urge your family, especially kids to use it.

Containerizing is the favorite technique of most organizing gurus. It is convenient when setting chest freezers in order. In case your chest freezer does not have multiple bins, boxes, and baskets, you may have to supplement them with those you purchase yourself.

It may be incredibly tempting to throw the entire pack of chicken pieces into your freezer; however, you would soon regret this shortcut if you just require a couple of pieces only to realize the whole thing is frozen.

It is better to take your time and portion out various ingredients into smaller, usable parts, such as a pound of beef or six pieces of chicken and freeze different portions in separate freezer bags or containers.

Organised chest freezer.

As far as possible, try to freeze items flat. Put your leftover chili or brown rice in freezer bags, seal, and then lay these bags flat inside your freezer until frozen. Flat items with even thickness are much easier to organize or stack upright in containers.

Another excellent organization tip is separating and color coding foods by various types such as:

  • Poultry
  • Red meat
  • Vegetables
  • Fish
  • Fruits
  • Soups
  • Casseroles

Color code different items in a way that would make it easier and simpler for you to find the thing you need: white for poultry, red for meat and pink for fish. Through adequate labeling, a vast inventory, and efficient organization, you will always find whatever you are looking for, whenever you want.


Nowadays, there is a wide range of freezer brands available to consumers that range from budget models to high-end ones. Some of the leading manufacturers of freezers are Kenmore, Frigidaire, GE, and Haier.


Kenmore is a famous freezer brand offered exclusively by Sears. Either Frigidaire or Haier manufactures these freezers. A lot of people who buy Kenmore freezers do so because of their affordability and the sheer number of options they can choose.

Another reason is that Sears has an extensive network of customer service departments that are quick to respond in case of any problems. Kenmore markets both upright and chest freezers, with an array of style options.


GE has a prestigious and long history that dates back to the nineteenth century. The brand is one of the most well-known names in the appliance industry, which makes it a favorite and reliable choice when customers are searching for freezer options.

GE sells both chest and upright freezers, along with various refrigerators. It also markets a big selection of beverage centers and wine coolers.


Frigidaire has been one of the most innovative companies in the refrigeration industry. Previously called The Guardian Refrigerator Company, the company changed its name to Frigidaire Corporation early in 1919. It is the most significant manufacturer of household freezers and was the first company to produce self-defrosting chest freezers.


Haier America is the manufacturer of Haier freezers and was founded recently in 1999.The brand has taken on many historically established companies with success. They make many different types of household appliances such as freezers and ACs with a focus on innovation.

The company offers both upright and chest freezers and has also recently developed a new type of fridge called the dual zone freezer.

Maintenance And Cleaning

Proper maintenance and cleaning will reduce the energy consumption of your freezer while keeping the unit in excellent condition.

Chest freezer cleaning.

Follow these tips to keep your fridge in top shape.

  • Carefully review and follow your freezer’s instruction manual.
  • Do not place your freezer in the garage or any other space where the temperature may drop well below the freezing point.
  • Check your freezer’s thermostat regularly. To ensure it performs well, set it at 0 F. In case your fridge does not have the thermostat, check the temperature with a thermometer. Then adjust the control as required.
  • Keep your freezer interior clean. With a damp rag or soft cloth and a little quantity of dish detergent, thoroughly clean the interior. For stickiness and spills on the gasket and interior, use a spray cleaner such as Goo Gone. Use a deodorizer to get rid of any freezer odor.
  • Check the freezer’s door gasket carefully for wear. The door gasket retains cold air in the fridge while keeping warm air outside. A torn or worn gasket requires a freezer to consume more energy. Fortunately, it is easy and inexpensive to replace a gasket.

How To Defrost A Chest Freezer?

  • Relocate all the food items from your chest freezer.
  • Turn off the freezer thermostat or unplug the unit.
  • Wait for the frost to melt, then uncover the drain plug and drain all the water.
  • Power the freezer back on when it is dry.
  • Replace the food once your freezer reaches its operating temperature of 0 F (approximately -18 C).


We have discussed what a freezer is and how it works. We have looked at some uses of freezers apart from storing edible items. We have considered what a chest freezer is along with its benefits and drawbacks like more storage capacity.

We have compared a chest freezer with an upright freezer to determine how they stack up against each other. We have looked at many things you should consider when deciding the right place to install your fridge. 

Frigidaire FFFC22M6QW 74" Chest Freezer

source: frigidaire.com

We have also provided some tips to organize a chest freezer such as labeling. We have looked at various leading manufacturers of freezers and offered step-by-step instructions on how you can clean and maintain your chest freezer. Our buying guide will discuss the different features that you should consider when buying a chest freezer along with some recommendations.

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