The Ultimate Buying Guide For Purchasing The Best Chest Freezer

The Ultimate Buying Guide For Purchasing The Best Chest Freezer

Chest freezers are great functional accessories for long-term bulk storage. It is an ideal product to serve the needs of a large family. Moreover, it serves as an incredible tool to make grocery shopping economical since buying items in bulk can help you to avail discounted deals.

A chest freezer is your back up to your main fridge when you need more food. You will never run out of groceries and vegetables by purchasing a chest freezer to save you valuable time and hassle. Some people like to cook large meals and freeze them, so they don't have to cook on busy evenings and holidays. 

Big chest freezer.

It is also helpful to entertain unexpected and large groups of guests. Many individuals freeze large bags of ice ahead of an event to make sure they have enough supplies to host a great dinner party.

Why Should You Choose Your Chest Freezer Carefully?

There are many important factors to consider when you are looking to buy a freezer. Naturally, the more significant a model, the more energy it will consume. Hence, if you don't plan to fill it up; you will end up running a half-empty freezer which is going to have a significant effect on your energy bills.

It is why it is crucial to know how you plan on using a freezer and how much increase in your energy bill you can comfortably afford.

Another essential factor to consider before purchasing a chest freezer is to decide the place where you want to keep it. The kitchen is the most common and obvious choice to keep your fridge.

However, it also helps to keep a model safe and in excellent condition by storing it in a rumpus room. If you live in a small apartment or don't have large floor place to accommodate a significant sized product; it is best to choose a size that comfortably fits in your kitchen.

It also helps to measure the space where you want to place your freezer. This way you will never purchase a wrong size.

Different sizes of chest freezers.

It is also relatively common for people to place their chest freezers in the garage. It is a good idea since it allows you to transfer groceries from the car to your fridge without much hassle.

But make sure, your garage is insulated, or it consumes more power to stay cool on a hot summer day.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Chest Freezer

Let us consider the important factors that you must take into account before purchasing a good quality freezer to suit your needs.

Size: Storage Capacity

As mentioned above, one of the first things you need to focus on before investing in a freezer is reflecting on your needs and requirements.

Take a look at your lifestyle. Are you married or single? Do you work from home or use your kitchen only on weekends? It makes no sense to spend a fortune on a medium or large-sized freezer when you don’t have anyone to feed.

Large items work best to serve the needs of a family that comprises of at least four to six members.

If you have a family of six, you can go with a 14-22 cubic feet chest freezer. A single individual can benefit from a small or 2.5-5 cubic feet freezer. If you live with your spouse but have no children, you can safely choose a 7-14 cubic feet model.

If you run a small eatery, then you will require a commercial grade chest freezer. These models start from 40 cubic feet and onwards to serve in professional kitchens.


Although, the actual purpose of a chest freezer is to keep your groceries fresh for a prolonged time; you would never want to buy a model that does not boast a pleasing design. There are many conventional models with only essential features to serve the purpose.

However, if you are looking for a contemporary look, then there are hundreds of models with visible thermostats, good-looking security locks, impressive storage baskets and temperature alarms to give a sleek appearance to your chest freezer.

Although the price of a model may increase if you go for a feature-studded product, the experience you get out of it is worth your money.

Choose a suitable shape that easily blends with your home or office décor. All products are available in a square or rectangular shape with different size specifications.

Chest freezer with a drawer.


It is best to invest in a high-quality product when you are looking for a safe way to store your food. There are many reputed and trusted brands that are household names when it comes to manufacturing energy efficient and flawless chest freezers.

You can find an economic model according to your needs. Always compare prices and buy from authentic online retailers if you are selecting a model online.


Last but probably not the least, the chest freezer that you want to buy should be backed by a trusted guarantee to make sure you are not spending your precious money on a defected model. Since this equipment is responsible for keeping your food and groceries fresh; it is essential that you purchase a model that works in optimum condition.

Compare warranties before choosing the one that works for you best. A few brands also offer an extended service package to provide more to their loyal customers. Although, these service agreements may come with an added cost; they go a long way to keep your chest freezer running to provide an unbeatable performance.


It is essential to choose an appropriate size that fits perfectly with your floor plan. The two most popular places to keep a chest freezer are garages and basements. However, smaller or medium-sized fridges are also accommodated in kitchens and living spaces, depending upon the size your house.

Evaluate the dimensions a product before making the final purchase, so you don't have to encounter any surprises when the product arrives at your doorstep.

Other Trivial Factors

Buyers even consider additional features such as the color, temperature, and dimensions of a model. You should also have ideas as to what will you be storing more in the freezer to make a better selection.

The Best Chest Freezers

We recommend buying any one of the following models to enjoy an unbeatable freezing performance.

Frigidaire FFFC22M6QW Chest Freezer

Frigidaire is one of the most top rated chest freezers that are popular among users who have a busy schedule. Due to an impeccable performance, the Frigidaire chest freezer is a high-quality product that offers many features and offers a remarkable storage.

The freezer is engineered to provide a remarkable storage of 21.5 cubic feet to accommodate all items you throw at it.

It is also a famous piece of equipment to serve the needs of adventurous hunters who are fond of hunting and freezing their food.

Frigidaire FFFC22M6QW 74" Chest Freezer


It is a real wonder of engineering and features exciting dimensions to satisfy the need for a large sized family. The freezer features thick walls which are uncommon in many competitive models. You will also find a proprietary ArcticLock construction system to guarantee safe frozen food for two days in case you experience an unexpected power outage.

This model is built to maintain impressive temperatures as low as -10. It implies that you get successfully preserve the quality of your frozen food for a long time without freezer burn. Users can easily find their items with durable color-coordinated plastic baskets.

It is immensely helpful to store things by purchase date or categories to keep your freezer organized. It holds a five-star rating score anis is well-liked by customers who purchased it from The price range starts from $794.10 + free shipping on Amazon.

Product Features:

  • check
    Adjustable baskets and color-coordinated clips
  • check
    Bright led lighting
  • check
    Defrost water drain
  • check
    Energy efficient
  • check
    Manufactured in the U.S.
  • check
    Thicker walls
  • check
    Adjustable temperature control
  • check
    Lock with pop-out key
  • check
    Adjustable dividers

Igloo FRF705 Chest Freezer

This model holds an impressive spot in dozens of deep-freezer reviews. The FRF-705 is an energy efficient chest freezer that features power indicators and a built-in compressor. Hence, users get a better picture of the condition of their fridge.

The model is famous for its potential to cut your energy bills. It is because the compressor functions only when the desired temperature is activated. 

Thanks to its contemporary look and the sleek black color; the freezer is a great attraction which is sure to impress your guests. The model also boasts compressor and power indicators to guarantee a hassle-free user experience.

Igloo FRF705-black 7.1 cu. Ft. Chest Freezer full view.

The Igloo FRF705 offers remarkable storage to keep your food fresh and free from freezer burn for a more extended period. If you are fond of holding luxurious dinner parties to feed a hungry crowd of food lovers; then this is the model you should buy. 

It also boasts an adjustable thermostat that gives a freezing temperature of -18 degrees. Thanks to its quick and deep cooling; it locks the freshness of your groceries to let you enjoy the perfectly healthy food. 

You can use the model to store desserts, meat, and vegetables. Almost 200 customers who have purchased this model from Amazon consider it a valuable product. It holds a steady rating on Amazon, and interested buys can buy it for almost $200 with free shipping from this giant retailer.

Product Specifications:

  • check
    7.1 cu ft capacity
  • check
    Freezing temperature as low as -18 degrees
  • check
  • check
    Customizable thermostat
  • check
    Easy defrost
  • check
    Deep cooling and quick freezing
  • check
    One-year manufacturer's warranty
  • check
    Dimensions: 37"W x 36"D x 26"H

Haier HF50CM23NW Chest Freezer

If you want to buy a compact chest freezer that offers a great deal of storage; the Haier HF50CM23NW successfully holds up to 175 pounds of food. Users highly recommend this model since it has plenty of room for all types of frozen food including fish and poultry.

Thanks to an adjustable thermostat, users can easily customize it according to their own needs. The easily accessible defrost drain is excellent for manual defrosting. Thanks to its size, the compact chest freezer perfectly fits into a basement, small apartment and college dorm rooms.

The compact design of this model makes it a pleasing addition to any room of the house. It is engineered to thaw without making a mess. Although the capacity of the freezer is quite large, its size and design are great for beating its competitors.

Haier HF50CM23NW 5.0 cu. ft. Capacity Chest Freezer


If you like to freeze groceries to feed a large family but don’t have enough space to accommodate a heavy-duty freezer, the Haier HF50CM23NW serves as a perfect addition to provide you an ideal storage space

The freezer reaches up to a low temperature of -8 degrees Fahrenheit. It is excellent for maintaining the life of all types of frozen foods. The model comes along with a removable storage basket to allow users organize their frozen items in any way they like.

The Haier chest freezer offers five cubic feet of storage space but is loaded with impressive features to beats its rivals with a friendly price tag. You can buy it from for almost $200 with free shipping.

Product Specs:

  • check
    Offers storage for up to 175lbs of frozen food
  • check
    Modifiable thermostat control
  • check
    Convenient Defrost Drain
  • check
    Stylish Design
  • check
    Removable Basket
  • check
    Manual Defrost

Midea WHS-129C1 Chest Freezer

If you are looking for a great quality single door chest freezer; then this is a great product that offers 3.5 cubic feet space. The Midea WHS 129 seems fantastic and is available at an affordable price. 

Users are happy with its impressive dimensions and capacity to hold roughly 123 pounds. Thanks to a removable basket which lets you organize food; you can quickly clean the inside of this chest freezer.

Thanks to its super-efficient performance and functionality; it ranks as one of the most economical chest freezers that you can currently find on the market.

midea WHS-129C1 Single Door Chest Freezer

According to the U.S. energy guide, the freezer promises to cut your power expenses to a vast extent. It is why it is a valuable purchase for users who wish to benefit from a chest freezer without increasing their energy bills. The model is also frost free. Look for manual instruction to wiping away frost as it appears.

This product is one of the most potent and silent freezers you can purchase for this price. It is because a whisper-quiet compressor works with an undetectable sound to make it a quiet addition to your kitchen equipment.

It is best suitable for a couple, a small family or just an individual. Owing to its many features and compact design; it is an excellent addition to tiny homes, RV's and condos. Buyers who have invested their money in this product are happy with their purchase. It continues to maintain an excellent rating and is available for $279 on

Product Specifications:

  • check
    Easy to clean interior
  • check
    Energy efficient
  • check
    Comes with a removable basket
  • check
    Weight: 60 pounds
  • check
    2-year warranty on compressor
  • check
    Offers a storage capacity of 3.5 cubic feet
  • check
    1-year warranty

Midea Single Door Chest Freezer

It is an extremely functional chest freezer to help a family to store food in bulk. The model offers plenty of smart features and intelligent storage options to serve as a perfect addition to a household.

Thanks to natural controls and adjustable temperatures; users benefit from a user-friendly chest freezer that also delivers an exceptional performance. Its streamlined design makes it stand apart whereas the flexibility and storage options guarantee maximum organization.

Midea Single Door Chest Freezer, 2.1 Cubic Feet

You can easily store, maintain and retain the freshness of your frozen food for quick access to the Midea Single Door. Users can conveniently drain water to defrost the freezer without any hassle.

This model is ideal for holding roughly 73.3 pounds of foods. It may include any grocery item. It offers incredible storage with a removable basket wire to allow users to organize their eating the right way.

Users can quickly set their desired temperature with a mechanical dial to reach a point between the ranges of -12 to -28. It is available for almost $180 on where it has received positive reviews from its customers. 

Product Specifications:

  • check
    Functional and convenient door
  • check
    Customizable thermostat ranging
  • check
    Reliable warranty
  • check
    Comes with a removable storage basket for easy clean-up

How To Take Care Of Your Chest Freezer?

Chest freezers are considered 'durable goods.' You can maintain a quality chest freezer for many years; provided that you hand it with care and follow the instructions that come with each product.

Interestingly enough, the best thing you can do to your freezer is to thaw it out entirely on a frequent basis. It helps the fridge to defrost and also makes it easy for it to maintain the desired temperature without any complications.

Thawing and defrosting the freezer means you will not experience any build up of frost and ice. Since this entire process can take some time and effort; at least do this twice a year to extend the life of your product. Considering the amount of money you invest in a product; it only makes sense to spend some time on maintaining your chest freezer.

If you don't know how to clean and thaw your freezer; merely empty it or put your groceries in another functional fridge. Unplug the unit and wait for the freezer to defrost by propping the door wide open.

Some people also use a small fan to accelerate the thawing process. The air coming from a fan helps you to scrape off the ice easily with the help of a dull knife or scraper.

Make sure you wipe off the liquid, once the freezer has completely defrosted. You can clean a chest freezer with the help of an anti-bacterial cleaner or solvent to wipe the surface off. Use paper towels to dry the fridge so that it does not have wetness or moisture left inside. Plug it back in to keep your groceries again.

You should allow your chest freezer to reach its nominal cold temperature before filling it bags of ice, and food.


All products and models of chest freezers are available in different shapes, sizes, and specifications. While there are freezers for restaurants and what not, a majority of them are built to serve individual users or small families.

The most popular colors that users prefer buying are white and black. Since white rejects the most heat, it is helpful for insulating the freezer's contents for keeping it fresh.

Always consider the price, capacity, and specifications of a model before you make a selection. Never go for cheap or mediocre models that are less likely to deliver the same performance you would get out of a high quality and branded model.

A professional fisher or hunter heavily relies on a freezer to store his food. Make sure you know how much you plan on storing in the chest freezer so you can prolong its life by choosing the right model.

Don't choose a commercial-grade freezer if you don't have enough food to store. It will only increase your energy bills without offering much functionality.

Organised chest freezer.

Many models are available for $200 or less. Go for trusted brands and sizes that do not occupy too much floor space. Buyers should check other factors which are mentioned in this buying guide to make sure they don't choose a product that does not offer the kind of features and performance they are seeking.

This buying guide will significantly serve people who are looking to invest in a safe, reliable and functional chest freezer to suit the needs of their family. Make sure you always buy from trusted online retailers such as so that you still get safe products that are backed by a reliable warranty.


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